Today’s Tip: Cheapster decor

Cheap Easter – or cheapster – is a special collaboration between INexpensivity and… well, easter. Take a closer look at the collection and read the full story.

It’s very important to keep your home updated with seasonal trends – especially if you don’t wanna end up with a loser flat. And easter is the perfect time for decorating with daffodils as they are very INexpensive right now. Plus they look amazing as long as they stay skinny. I mean onions. Place them in SS16 flowerpots and you are good to go.

Here’s a how to guide:

  1. Go pay your local florist a visit – or any supermarket for that matter. At this time you’ll find the onions everywhere and prices start at €1
  2. Dig your parents’ garden for planting soil or stick to smaller flowerpots
  3. Stop by any flea market for anything usable as flowerpot
  4. Mix and match – you now have the perfect cheapster decorations


Glass container/Søstrene Grene DKK 59 – €8


Ceramic cup/Höganäs – there’s a great outlet spot in Sweden. Makes a perfect weekend trip


Flowerpots/Housedoctor – the brand has great wholesale prices. Try out your luck with a corporate e-mail if you dare

Flower tip!
Get your flowers from Blomster Bjarne in downtown Copenhagen, Østerbro, or Hellerup. But bring your good mood because they are out of stock



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