Today’s Tip: Poke Mode

Finally! A plant I can’t kill (in one day). Cactuses are hotter than hot, so seize the opportunity to fashion up your furnishing with a little evergreen. But watch out, appearances are deceptive! Some looks like small fuzzy friends but are not cotton soft. They sting!

To underscore the seriousness of this trend, I can inform you that Copenhagen just got it’s first shop with cactuses only! It’s located in Jægersborggade and stocks all kinds of fancy greens. Check it out and get inspired. Not so INexpensive? Continue to IKEA where you can get your poking device for DKK25.

Got the cactus (and amazing meat balls!) from IKEA at DKK25 and paired it with a flea thing I got for a flat 5. Perfectly INexpensive
IKEA‘s selection. Price DKK25
Small scale cactuses, come in a box of three, DKK39 at IKEA. Remember to get rid of the pots and replace them with something less… IKEA

Need inspiration or a wider selection?

Kaktus København
Jægersborggade 35
2200 København N


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