Event: Zulu Sommerbio

Late as always, I’m writing about the open air cinema, Zulu Sommerbio, midway. But better late than never, and I was able to test it – twice!

Come early for a good spot, some sun, and catching up before the movie airs around 9 pm. There’s lots of free sponsor stuff and a chance to win a spot in one of the groovy Oreo beanbags.

Program – also available on Zulu’s site


  • Fælledparken (near the lake), Copenhagen

What to bring

  • Blankets
  • Pillows – in this case (and always) the bigger the better
  • Warm clothes
  • Wine or stronger – to keep you warm
From the left: Me, Ditte, and Sandra warming up (literally). Bring. Warm. Clothes.
Come early and spread out your blankets as far and wide as possible – your late friends will owe you one

Sunset for lovebirds and the rest of us
Popcorn. For eating and throwing at your noisy neighbors
BYOBBQ – Bring Your Own BBQ. As you always end up regretting it when other people start grilling cheese sausages and you didn’t bring any


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