Today’s Outfit: Fail

Today’s Outfit topic is very unique, as it is also a ‘One Dress, Two Styles’-post.

The other day (every day…), I went to H&M for some desperate finale sale shopping. At check out I stumbled upon this great Conscious Collection dress, marked down to one fourth of the price! In H&M this basically means for free. One left, my size, 100% lyocell – great, great, great.

Next day, I went to my father’s yearly get-together at Bakken, wearing my new dress. For those of you non-Danes, Bakken is this amusement park where nothing is INexpensive and a great place to spot do’s and don’ts. Well, mostly the latter.

Pre amusement park trip. Happy about my new, INexpensive dress!
At Bakken, indeed amused. Yet a little less happy about my new, INexpensive dress

Inspired? Dress//H&M Conscious Collection, DKK399


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