Today’s Tip: Lemonization


It’s not just that there are an infinite number of benefits of adding lemon to your water (apparently). It’s also a very INexpensive way of upgrading your day! Nobody craves water, unless thirsty. But with a splash of lemon is like adding icing to a cupcake. And who wants to eat a freaking muffin, if there is cupcake?! Anyways, here is a list in case you need (fact-based) persuasion:

  • It’s detoxicating
  • It’s rich on vitamin C, which benefits your immune system
  • It improves the look of your skin (the toxics make your skin uneven)
  • It helps your digestion, especially when it comes to fat food
  • It boosts your ability to burn calories
  • It stabilizes your blood sugar
  • It cleanses your mouth and leaves you with fresh breath

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Pssst! Don’t get all caught up in health now. Do add gin as frequently as possible to spice up your (week)day


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