Today’s Tip: INexpensive Holidays

FullSizeRenderWe all know the guilty feeling of having over spent on vacation (right?!). YOLO has become your personal philosophy of life and somehow you got to thinking that you also only travel once. The result is bleeding credit card, suffering from too many colorful drinks (did someone else also use the card?), too much shopping (because when do you ever get this opportunity again), and HEAVY overweight.  

Don’t worry, the solution to all your (financial) problems is right here: AirBnB.

Unless you didn’t live for the past 5 years, you all know the koncept. Prostitute your apartment and suck up your pride. I did it – many times – and my apartment is still there. So is my bank account, thanks to the revenue. Follow the steps and you are good to go on your INexpensive vacation:

1) Sign up at AirBnB. Spend some time getting the photos right – it’s your best selling tool

2) Set the price a bit lower than average in order to increase your chances of renting out the place. AirBnB automatically feed you this information

3) Block the calendar on the dates you are actually at home. It’s not worth the hassle to move out on demand

4) Sit back and wait for it to happen. If not, decrease your nightly rate

5) When it does happen, do remove your most personal stuff and hook your guest up with a clean sheets and towels


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